How To Create Professional Instagram Story On Mobile

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How Instagram Story  Effects Your Profile :
    With  an Professional  Instagram  Account  you always  upload  Best picture  that  are captured  by DSLR and they are all for a specific  reasons. with  these picture  you  can grow  your  followers but you  can’t bring  them close  to your  livestyle they  just follow  you for you  look or for your content.
  With  Instagram  Story  you can share  your  daily  activities  using  your mobile  or camera, you can share short  video  and much more intaresting  things  with your followers. It bring  them  close  to your livestyle and you.
How to make  Insta Story  more Professional:
   Usually  Insta  Story  are not  looks like  professional  because  the are mostly  captured  by mobiles. But there are ways or app that  you can use to make them more beautiful  then ever.
   There are so many apps on Playstore  that you can use to make your  Instagram  story  more beautiful.
Story  Maker App :
By using  This app you can edit  your  normal picture  to create  a beautiful  Instagram  story.this app has so many  presets and filters to create  amazing  story.with more than 250+ free templates  you can make osom story  to share with  your  friends. 
          Main  Features :
          1. More than  250+ templates  free to use.
          2. Simple  story  temple.
          3. Brush story  templates.
          4. 100+ fonts with  advance  text tools.
         5. Photo & Video  both support with  high quality.
         6. No Account  Required to use this  app.
   Story  maker  App is a very  nice tool to use and to create  beautiful  Instagram  Story. You should  you this app to create  your own story.