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US teen’s TikTok ‘makeup tutorial’ on Xinjiang goes viral

The clip by US teen Feroza Aziz, who describes herself as “17 Just a Muslim”, had millions of views across several social media platforms...

90 more students, mostly from India, held from fake US university

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has so far arrested more than 250 students, who were lured to enroll in the now-closed University...

A missed opportunity | HT editorial

Awareness of trans issues has grown. The bill should have been more sensitive

Man-eating tiger is an outdated construct | Opinion

The new NTCA guidelines to catch such animals are progressive. They should now be applied for leopards too

The Shiv Sena-led alliance is a marriage of convenience | Opinion

The Sena-NCP-Congress coalition has little in common other than a fear of getting decimated by the BJP

College fest-evolve: Students are facing off over memes, rap, Insta filters

Campus festivals are changing to embrace contemporary talents, skills and tech.

Constitution @70: It has made India what it is. Live up...

It unified India. Irrespective of region, class, caste, religion anyone who subscribed to the Constitution and lived within its framework was (and is) an...

Flats with benefits

Realtors are introducing loyalty programmes, discounts and deals for buyers, and those with successful referrals.

Recognising the climate crisis | HT Editorial

The world, and India, face an existential threat. Wake up to it